Using a html form to pull up a member’s Facebook photo or Twitter Feed

This is very vague, but I figure someone would want to do it out there. Even though they are very similar, I will show how to grab a Facebook profile photo first using php and javascript.

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The example is based upon the idea that you can pull up anyone’s Facebook photo by using the url in a img tag (not sure how to do this, check out example below): facebook ID  /picture?type=large

So you easily insert the form data inside the url.  The data can be stored in a database or form data like I did.  The ‘type’ can be changed to the size you want, square (50×50), small (50 pixels wide, variable height), normal (100 pixels wide, variable height), and large (about 200 pixels wide, variable height).


Check out the the code here:

facebookInput   //change the file to  an html file instead of  txt file. This is called first.

facebookOutput  // change to php file. This is the php file that generates the photo .


You can find more information here.


Grab a Twitter Feed using a form

This one is the same for the most part. In my code, I used PHP to get the form data then I converted the PHP variable to a JavaScript variable which you can see it in the source code. You should not have to do that, but I had a one track mind while writing it.

Here is the source code:

TwitterInput  // this is the form to insert your Twitter Handle. Same as before but a change in variable name. change to an HTML file(of course).

TwitterOutput  // once again this is the php file (convert it before using) that does all the leg work. There is also an example on converting PHP variable to JavaScript variable inside.

More information, and to create your own Twitter plugin is found here. 

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