Take old style photos with your Android phone.

I sorta debated if this was worth posting about, but I think it is worthy of a mention. I found this app in the Android market the other day after the default camera on my G2 was messing up. After seeing the photos I took with it I got really excited about it. It is due to my odd curiosity on old style photos.

The app is called Retro Camera from Urbian and is found in the Android market. I would not be surprise if it is in the iPhone market also. As of right now (not sure if they plan to update it) they have 5 camera you can use. Here is also examples of the pictures it takes. Just to note, I am not a great photographer .

The Barbl

Little Orange Box
Xolaroid 2000

Pinhole camera


Converting photos to vintage

I know at least one website, picnik that can turn a photo to a 1960 vintage style for free. The site can also do a lot of other cool stuff so check it out. Here is a photo a did:
You can also add a Polaroid frame to it.

I have seen a plug-in for Photoshop to convert photos to a vintage look, but I could not find it. Far as i remember it cost money for it. If you Google Photoshop vintage a lot of tutorials and plug-in come up for it. I know it is lazy of me not to do one, but as of now I am in no position to make a tutorial with anything dealing with PS.

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