Fading In/Out Image Button and Starting New Scene Unity 3D Example

Here is a simple example of a button fading an image out and fading in a different image on a button in Unity 3d. I have also included how to go to a new scene/level using the button with either index of the scene or by title of the scene.

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Unity – Selecting Game Object by Touch and Moving with Finger

device-2014-03-27-124634Here is an example of how to select a game object by touch using Unity 3d’s Physics Raycast. The first part is to find the game object that the user is touching with their finger. This is done by a raycast.  If that is all you want to do then you can skip the inner ‘if statement.’ The next step is to get the finger’s position in pixels and then convert it to game world coordinates.

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Creating a List in Unity using C# for mobile devices

I found this script to make a list in a Stack Over Flow forum board but I added a few things to it including responding to clicks and couple other insertions. Plus if you found this post before the SOF then I saved you some time.

List Unity3d

Here is the code:


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Unity 3D Game Engine Tips (part 2)

I have recently started working on a mobile game using the Unity 3D engine. I will be adding code snippets here that I think might help out someone out there. Check out my other post related Unity 3D game engine tips.

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Unity 3D Game Engine Tips

I been recently working with Unity 3D to build a  Unity 3D game for a school project and for an android game. You can get a free version to create web based games but you will need to get paid version to go beyond that. I can not imagine a better game engine than Unity. It is very easy to learn, easy to build extra level, many built in tools and prefabs, plus you can easily move your game to different platforms (playstation3, android, web etc).

There is many tutorials online to get started so I will not bother explain how to get started. I will try though to explain some examples scripts that I used.

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