Website statistics after first year being online

It has now been 1 year since I came up with the not so great idea of creating a photo blog. The theme of the site was to mock people being dochebags. I would plug it here but I am not so proud of it. But I do want to share some statistics of the site after being online. It might give an idea of what to expect if your thinking about a similar idea. Keep in mind that I did not try to promote the site. I just to put it up and updated it fairly regular. I was not able to track the visits from mobile phone that brought up the mobile version of the site. I just know that i received over 1,300 page views from phones.

Posts: 199

Images: 419

Visitors: 7,964
Page Views: 19,930
Average Time Spent on Site: 1:17 mins
New visitors: 95%
Percent of people that only went to one page: 62
Countries: 111

Sources (referring sites are from search engines):

Statistics from my other site

I keep a record of my statistics of my grave yard site here. I keep it updated monthly. I have been very pleased how it has been growing recently.

Graveyard Database Logo

Has everything you want to know about grave yards. Plus has many celebrites and world leaders graves. Pssst it is my other site

Google + Profile
Check out Android Photo Mapping, its a app/site I been working on

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