Creating a List in Unity using C# for mobile devices

I found this script to make a list in a Stack Over Flow forum board but I added a few things to it including responding to clicks and couple other insertions. Plus if you found this post before the SOF then I saved you some time.

List Unity3d

Here is the code:


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Simple Example using Shared Preferences between Activities

Do not let the Preference in the class name fool you. Yes the SharedPreference class can set preferences but it also a great way to implement an easy limited database. It is also a great way keep variables values after restarting the app.

At a high level this first activity (MainActivity) is getting values from EditText fields. When the button is clicked, is calls getResults(View v). This method grabs all the values from the EditText fields and adds them to SharedPreferences then calls “Results” activity. If the values have already been set then it sets the EditText fields to those values. I trimmed the code so this is not a complete app, but it will run.

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How to add Amazon Mobile Ads to a Phonegap app

Here is how to add Amazon Mobile Ads. I will give a review after I see some results.

3 Steps to adds Amazon ads to Phonegap

  1. Download the SDK
  2. Add jar to your project (screen shots below)
  3. Change your Activity and Manifest as below. No need to change layout.



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Getting started with GIT with simple commands

github-logo       Getting started with GitHub can be torture unless you come from a Linux background. I hated it so much because I was so use to getting programs with user interface so the last thing I wanted to look at was a terminal or a command prompt. I started to use the GitHub application but I was creating problems for my team mates and even that can be confusing. Most of the stuff online about Git is very dense and makes it hard to get started. I did find a great website for some simple commands after digging through all the advance material out there.

After learning a handful of commands it really is not that bad. If you are new to Github then most likely you will just need to know a handful of commands to get by and just let the more experience guys do the rest. I will assume that you already did the setting up Github by downloading it and configuring it. You will also need to set up an account.

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How to change ImageView using a file path without getting out of memory exception error (Android)

This code is going be a mix of my own code and a method I took from StackOverFlow to prevent the memory exception error.  I tried many routes to solve the out of memory error but this one the only one worked for me. I think I had such a hard time because I was loading these few megabit images fairly fast. Not to go off course but check out my new Android app that I used this code for. I also will add code to open the image in an image viewer using intent. Here is the code:

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How to get EXIF tags (GPS Coordinates, Time, Date) from a picture

A few days ago I released a new Android app on the Android Market. The app maps the last 500 photos (500 due to performance)  from the default camera folder. I been meaning to build it for awhile but adding a Android Map can be  a pain. Check out the screen shot.


I do not expect this to be a game changer but if it seems to have potential then I will add features. With that said I am going to speak on how to get GPS coordinates and the date/time of a picture. Good thing is that when you get the EXIF from a photo than you get any tag/attribute you like.

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Example using Relative Layout for Android to make a quiz question

When I was browsing Google to find an example of a Relative Layout for my Android application to make a quiz question I could not find one. Not too many sample code of the Relative Layout for Android. Here is the layout code I did. I have not tested it filled with multilines of text but none the less it will be good starting layout.

Relative Layout Example

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How to parse a Property List (plist) using C #

Recently I been working on a project using  Xamarin and came across a need to loads of logs 013-1parse a property list (plist).  After many Google searches my coworker sent my a Github repository with a plist class that will do the plist parsing in C#.  This has 2 main methods, a paser and a method to write a plist. I went on to write a class to work with it, including a method to create a plist and store it in a folder for an application. For it to work for me I had to delete many files. I think the only file you need is the plist.cs file which has the plist class (goes without saying).

Here is the code:

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World’s First Coca – Cola Sign (Young Brother Pharmacy)

After visiting the Tellus Science museum in Cartersville, Georgia we found this on the GPS. I wish I was able to go inside but unfortunately the pharmacy was closed.


Setting up a program to run OpenGL GLSL

Setting up to starting with GLSL can be little complicated. This requires a few library setups and using OpenGL API to setup the pipeline. First you will need an IDE like Windows Visual Studios 2010 C++ express. You will than need to set OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) for the OpenGL API project. Next you will need windows management library like freeglut. Freeglut is an updated version of GLUT (OpenGL Unility Toolkit) which allows users to create and manage windows for OpenGL. Freeglut can read mouse, keyboard, and joysticks functions. Lastly you will need a math Library like GLM (OpenGL Mathematics). Here is a great link to set up GLEW and freglut.

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