My experience and review on the HTC G2 with T-Mobile

I picked up the new G2 around early October, around the time it came out to market. Before this I was using the HTC G1. At the time I just wanted to upgrade my G1 phone to better hardware and a new version of Android. I went to the upgrade section in my T-Mobile account and they only offered the G2 and the myTouch. After a little comparison and some reviews I landed onto the G2. Now after around 2 months using it, I am going to try to give it an in depth review.

First Impression Rating: ★★★★☆

The phone felt very tough, slightly more then the G1. Reminds me of the old razor phone in the day. The sliding out qwerty keyboard was done more impressive compared to the G1 or other sliding keyboards I have seen. CNET reviewer made a comment that the hinges look weak, but I disagree since how they are set in there, plus after sliding it a few hundred times now they still do great.
One simple thing I love about this phone is that they made is so simple to get to the battery compartment. There is a side button when pressed will pop off the back metal panel for the sim card and battery. I almost ripped off nails getting into some of my old phones (not to sound like a girl).
Only reason I did not give it a 5 was that the phone could look slicker like an Iphone. As long it fits in my pocket good and feels good in my hand then I am a happy.

Android Operating System Rating: ★★★★½

I been using Android operating system  for about 2 years now. My G1 stop updating at version 1.8  and the new G2 comes with the newest 2.2. I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it more now. The interface looks better and comes with 7 sliding home screens now. The menu slides like paper of a cube (weird way of describing it).  Maybe I missed it in version 1.8, but you can tether your computer to the phone to receive the internet through your phone. Download pdanet to get it started; very easy to use.  The gallery for your pictures look better by the way they slide and the way you navigate the pictures. It pulls pictures from your Picasa account, plus I believe it can pull pictures from like twitter and Facebook.  There is so much to mention about Android but it would take me forever to type up and would be pretty boring to read.

Performance Rating: ★★★★☆

The performance is better then my previous  G1 phone. I had a lot of problems the phone locking up and or going very slow at times. I like the performance of the phone, but I had seen the performance of the IPhone and regret to say the performace of the IPhone is better. I really do not have any problems with the G2 but it could be slightly better. Still a great difference then the G1.

HSPA+ network Rating: ★★★★☆

T-Mobile calls it the HSPA+ which I do not think it is great name. I am sure it stands for something technical and boring. I live 30 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia and the service is spotty but picks up half of the time. Since this is the only phone for T-Mobile as of now that uses the HSPA+ network it is pretty impressive. I have tested the speed several times in many different areas. I usually get about 3 mb down and 1 mb up. I do not even get that speed at the house on my own internet(1.5 down at the house).

Video and Picture Quality Rating: ★★★★½

The phone has a 5 mp camera with other feature like a nice flash, white balance, timer, and other features like a digital camera has.  I would recommend to set the GPS location on so you can map your photos later on.  Here is some photos and videos I took with my camera.

HTC G2 video sample sample

Specs Rating: ★★★★★

I do not want to list all the specs here. They are very impressive though (at least to my standards).

T-mobile spec site

HTC spec site

Last Word

This review did not go as planned. I hope it might of helped in some way though. I know I probably talked about the phone like a sells person, but i really do like the phone. Maybe I am just trying to justify me spending 225 for the phone. Only thing I really dislike about the phone is the motion pad for the cursor. It is very hard to use. I like the G1 trackball better. As of right now I would recommend the phone.

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