How to get started computer programming

So you think you want to start computer coding? More than likely you will find that it is not what you expect and for most people it is not a lot of fun. But if you still want to learn  here is a  very short and general over view of how to get started.

Know what you want to code

You do not want to dive into any language that you just heard off the street like Java, or C. There is several languages out there so you want to get the right one.

  • Web Design
      HTML (your foundation, a must)
      CSS (to style the page, very important)
      JavaScript (visual functions i.e. drop down boxes)
      MySQL (database>
      PHP (functions, using the database)
      etc …
  • Applications
      C++, C#
      etc …
  • Game Programming
      XNA (Microsoft computer language for computer games)
      Kodu ( know very little, seems new from Microsoft)
      Java , Flash
  • Download your Environment

    Environment is where you type up your code and run the code. There is a lot of environments but the biggest and the main one for most languages like Java, PHP and C is Eclipse.

    For web design I use Microsoft Web Expression, which I think they have a lite version for free. You can also use Adobe Dreamweaver which you have to buy. To me both Web Expression and Dreamweaver are very similar in many ways. Granted I only used Dreamweaver for 10min.  There is a lot of free ones out there so do not worry about paying for one, you can also just use notepad. Using notepad is very difficult which I suggest not to use, even though I heard people say you should.

    How to learn computer programming

    For most part you can learn anything you want to off the web.  Two of the best sites to learn web design is w3School and Tizag.  I also like the web designer Wall blog. Become part of a forum may also be helpful. Manuals are also good to get if you like to have something more portable or has a good flow.

    One important thing is to just start coding. Try very simple code and run other people’s code and see how it works.

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