How to get EXIF tags (GPS Coordinates, Time, Date) from a picture

A few days ago I released a new Android app on the Android Market. The app maps the last 500 photos (500 due to performance)  from the default camera folder. I been meaning to build it for awhile but adding a Android Map can be  a pain. Check out the screen shot.


I do not expect this to be a game changer but if it seems to have potential then I will add features. With that said I am going to speak on how to get GPS coordinates and the date/time of a picture. Good thing is that when you get the EXIF from a photo than you get any tag/attribute you like.

Here is the code. Leave me a comment if I need to clear up anything

public Picture getpicturdata(){

		File sd = new File (Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(
		            Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM) , "/Camera/xxxx.jpg"); // get file from the default camera folder

		ExifInterface exif = new ExifInterface(sd.toString()); // create the ExifInterface file

     /** get the attribute. rest of the attributes are the same. i will add convertToDegree on the bottom (not required) **/
		float log = convertToDegree(exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LONGITUDE));

		if(!exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LONGITUDE_REF).equals("E"))	{ // deal with the negative degrees
			log = -log;	
		float lat = convertToDegree(exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LATITUDE));
		if(!exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_LATITUDE_REF).equals("N"))	{
			lat = -lat;
                 /** Create a class. Will add tempplate on the bottom**/
		Picture temp = new pictureData(log, lat,exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_DATESTAMP) ,exif.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_GPS_TIMESTAMP));

		return temp;

ConvertToDegree method (thanks to the person on StackOverFlow):

 private Float convertToDegree(String stringDMS){
	    	 Float result = null;
	    	 String[] DMS = stringDMS.split(",", 3);

	    	 String[] stringD = DMS[0].split("/", 2);
	    	    Double D0 = new Double(stringD[0]);
	    	    Double D1 = new Double(stringD[1]);
	    	    Double FloatD = D0/D1;

	    	 String[] stringM = DMS[1].split("/", 2);
	    	 Double M0 = new Double(stringM[0]);
	    	 Double M1 = new Double(stringM[1]);
	    	 Double FloatM = M0/M1;

	    	 String[] stringS = DMS[2].split("/", 2);
	    	 Double S0 = new Double(stringS[0]);
	    	 Double S1 = new Double(stringS[1]);
	    	 Double FloatS = S0/S1;

	    	    result = new Float(FloatD + (FloatM/60) + (FloatS/3600));

	    	 return result;


Picture Class  


public class Picture {
	float lat;
	float log;
	String date;
	String time;

    Picture(float lat, float log , String date, String time,  String path){ =lat;
	   this.log =log; = date;
	   this.time = time;

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  • Ranjan

    Hey thanks ,
    Was of lot of help

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