How to get List of Files from futureAccessList after relaunch Windows 8 JavaScript (WinJS) example

Simple quick JavaScript Windows 8 example of getting files that was saved by the user using futureAccessList. This also shows how to convert the MRU token to a file. I added this to the default.js.

//Windows comment: TODO: This application has been reactivated from suspension.
//Windows comment: Restore application state here. 
var mruEntries = Windows.Storage.AccessCache.StorageApplicationPermissions.futureAccessList.entries;
     if (mruEntries.size > 0) {
          var  publicPhotoArray = new Array();
           mruEntries.forEach(function (entry) {
            /** Decode token **/
              function (retrievedFile) {
                   /** put the files into an object**/
               function (error) {
                     //handle error         
                // Continue processing the MRU entry
         /** Continue with your file array here like I did **/
          var decodedArray = decodePicture(publicPhotoArray, false); //ignore this
           Data.photoArray = decodedArray; // ignore this
          } else {
              // Handle empty MRU

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