Finally made my first 100 dollars from Google Adsense

I hope I am not coming off as if I am show boating but I am excited none the less. It has took me off and on for almost 3 years to get here. But like they say, the first 100 dollars from Google Adsense is the hardest. Maybe they do not say that but I think it is true. My monthly average is much higher now than it was a year ago. So it should not take nearly as long next time.

In case some one is wondering I am leaving my Google Adsense statistics for my first 100 dollars below.

4 responses to “Finally made my first 100 dollars from Google Adsense

  1. it took me only 1 year for my first 100 dollar :)

  2. admin

    Awesome! My second 100 only took a year. I will be posting the stats fairly soon.

  3. admin

    I am sure vary greatly depending how much time you spend on it and the content. I took some off during that time so it took me a little longer.

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