Display your photos on a Google Map for your webpage.

This tutorial will show you how to insert a Google Map into your website with your photos plotted on the map as a overlay.

Google Picasa will plot your photos on a Google map if you use a camera that embeds the location in the photo like a Android Phone. If you do not have a such a fancy camera for it to automatically embed the information then Google Picasa will allow you to manually insert the information.  Visit the Google Picasa site for more information.

After creating a Picasa account (free) and plotting your photos on a map , you can insert the Google map to your website. Here is the code and demo of how to do it:

There is 2 things in the code that you must change for this to work for you. The first thing is use your own Google Map Key, you can one by going here . The next thing is use your own RSS feed link. Here is a photo to explain where it is, notice it is inside the album (if plotting your albums you would use your main RSS feed on the homepage).

After clicking  your own RSS  link,  just copy and paste the whole url and add to the code.

I hope this may come in handy for someone out there.

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